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Each year thousands of students buy Leavers Jerseys, Hoodies, T-shirts etc. as a great memento of their school days. We're here to help and make it easy for you.



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The word on leavers garments

Custom Garments

Leavers Garments have to stand the test of time. Not only do they have to be classic styles, they’ve got to be good quality. You may want to burn your old uniform and your books, but your leavers jacket or hoodie is something you are going to cherish for years to come, So!... make sure it’s going to go the distance!

We have the best quality garments around, in classic styles and with AWESOME BRANDING options – some techniques that are not available anywhere else in New Zealand. Make sure your leavers garment is something to be proud of – looks cool, feels good and… will last a lifetime.

Leavers logo

Endless Options

The classic Felt Applique has been pioneered by us in New Zealand, so we are pretty much experts. We have most colour and options, and can do up to 3 layers if that’s the look you want.

Introduced in 2016 is the Sublimated Twill Applique. Massive in America with the NBA, NFL and NHL we have been working hard over the past year getting this perfected…. IT’S NOW READY FOR USE!

Screen Printing is the cost effective way to get great retail – looking brand on you garment, especially if you want large oversized images. We need Vector Graphics .EPS / .AI / .PDF / .CDR /.SVG artwork through to make life easy for all of us – set up is charged per colour.

Individual Names are always a must! ...whatever it might be. Whether its Felt Applique, Tackle Twill like the NBA, Embroidered small somewhere for that subtle look, or an old school Thermal We can do it all… and to a very high standard, so have a look through and design your custom garment today, we are ready to make it happen for you.

Change It Up

Once again we've raised the bar with branding in NZ! Customise the $#@! out of your garments, why be like everyone else!... with Sublimation, the sky is the limit... take advantage!

product specs

Sublimation Sample

Use any pattern or design to give it a fresh look

sublimated twill applique
hood lining - pocket
hood lining - pocket
hood lining - pocket
hood lining - pocket
hood lining - pocket
hood lining - pocket

Final Thought

Why not complete your garment with an Individual Locker Room Tag. This is a great way to make your clothing “Authentic” and we could even personalise them for you. So now it’s up to you and your crew to come up with something that you will cherish for years to come. Give your nearest store a call or fill out the form below our trained sales team are waiting to help you make your ideas a reality!

Locker Room Tag

locker room tag

The Process


We know that ordering Leavers Gear is often handed over to people that aren't used dealing with clothing companies. We've put together some common questions that others have asked us before. If you still have questions we're more than happy to talk with you personally about your needs.

No. Most of those interested are school leavers but we also sell to university students and other organisations that want a special make garment.

Some of the garments are available in a male or female cut.

We're happy to use your design if you are able to supply it ready-to-use. If you just have a rough sketch or an idea we may need to charge for one of our graphic artists to make it something you want to wear - it's up to you and we'll let you know before any work is done.

Sure thing. Have a look through the website to perhaps get some ideas then give us a call on 0800 698 643. Our sales support team can talk you through the process and your options.

We're happy to help. Most of the time there are two or three major colours that an organisation uses. Try starting with these colours and looking at the galleries thinking about using these colours. We have experience in designing Leavers Gear, and artist that are able to help with your requests. Depending on the amount of work involved we can supply everything from free colour-ups through to fully detailed artwork.

When we have all of the details we will be able to make an accurate assessment of how long it will all take. Because each garment is unique, we'd rather tell you when your jersey will be ready, not someone elses. A rough idea of time would be:

  • Un-embellished Garments : 2-4 days (after payment)
  • Embellished Garments : 10-12 days (after payment)
  • DYO / Sublimated Garments + Embellishment : 10-12 weeks
    (after payment)
    (order these early to avoid missing out before the end of school)

Two of the common methods are:

  1. A student representative collects all money and makes a single bulk payment to NZ Uniforms
  2. Students to pay at the school office and then the school makes a single bulk payment to NZ Uniforms.

There are two ways to customise garments: garments that have colours or design as part of their fabric and garments that have designs put onto them. Some types of garments can be made in your school colours. After they have been made they can then be screen printed and/or have embroidery added. Sublimated garments are fully customisable and the names, numbers and logos become part of the garment while they're being made. Artwork for custom designs need to be supplied as high quality image files (eg Photoshop file, 300dpi at 100%) or Vector Graphics .EPS / .AI / .PDF / .CDR /.SVG artwork.

Put simply: because each garment is different. Budgets, colours,and ideas vary from student to student, school to school. From a simple screen printed tee to personalised custom-made rugby jerseys there is something to cater for everyone. If you have a fixed budget to work with our knowledgable staff can provide you with options. Give us a call on 0800 698 643.

Due to the customised nature of garments it isn't possible to have samples made up. We are planning to have samples of Leavers Gear in our showrooms to help visualise some of the design concepts. Occasionally we get requests for jerseys to help with sizing, we can send these out - but they must be returned otherwise the school will be charged for them.

The minimum quantity is 10 units. This can be made up of many different sizes of the same garment.


Your leaver’s garment is important; it’s something that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life, so we want to help you make sure you get it right. Our specialist will come out to see you to discuss your options, and show you some samples, so that you know you are getting exactly what you want when you make your order with us.

  1. 1 You can contact us through the Online Form, E-Mail or Freephone to arrange a meeting with one of our specialists.
  2. 2 We will come and see you to discuss your options and show you all our latest gear.
  3. 3 Once you have chosen your garment, and have an idea of the design you want, we will draw it up for you and give you a quote with an order form attached.
  4. 4 Fill out the order form and get it back to us to start the ball rolling.
  5. 5 We’ll send you an order confirmation – once you approve this we will start your visual for final sign off.
  6. 6 Once your visual is approved, and payment received, we will manufacture your order.

As each School has different requirements, ideas and budgets each order varies in cost. Please contact us through the Online Form, Email or Freephone and we can discuss costs and provide you with a Quote.

Contact us for a quote! We can send it to you within 24hrs. We need to know what items you are interested in, what embellishment you are wanting and an estimate of how many garments. Please contact us through the Online Form, Email or Freephone

Payment is required before your garments can be printed/ manufactured & dispatched! Payment methods are listed below:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card

Pre-payment means we can get on with turning your design into reality and you can relax knowing you won't be left out of pocket and chasing people who still haven't paid when school disbands.

Delivery times vary depending on which garments you choose.
However below gives you a rough guide:

  • Un-embellished Garments : 2-4 days
  • Embellished Garments : 10-12 days
  • DYO / Sublimated Garments + Embellishment : 10-12 weeks
    (order these early to avoid missing out before the end of school)



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